That Little Whisper in Your Ear!

It’s so amazing how God works in your life sometimes. Night before last I got this incredible  urge to got to Dollar Tree  (a store where nothing costs more than a dollar).  As I walked in, I noticed a man, probably in his fifties, just aimlessly walking, aisle to aisle, obviously deep in thought. I passed him and he said, “Hi!”  Then I passed him in the next aisle and he said, “Hello!” Finally, he looked at me and smiled. Then he asked “How are you tonight?” I said “Just fine ! How are you?”  He looked down and said “Well, I went to work a little while ago and they were locking the doors. They told us to go home, they were closing down the plant.” I said “Oh! My Goodness! I am so sorry.” That began a very long conversation between us. He said he and his wife had sold their home and moved from Alabama to N.C., that he was a truck driver for years but wanted to try something new. His wife worked in the Dialysis clinic. His daughter was making all A’s, was elected  to go  to Governer’s school. One  son was in the Marines and had been to Afghanistan twice. The other son was married and living in Alabama. His parents who were 80 and 84 years old and wanted them to come back home!
Then he switched subjects and started telling me about how much they trusted the Lord, went to church, paid their tithes; how God has been so good to them and that they knew He would take care of them. What it all boiled down to was simply this!  He just hated telling his wife that he was laid off!  He said he knew she would understand. But he just found it hard to tell her! I wished him well and went on my way. A little while later, I came up the aisle next to the one he was in and I heard him talking to someone on his cell phone. Most probably his wife. He said “I just met the nicest woman in here!”
You see, God knew his need and sent me to that store! After he talked it over with me, it made it easier for him to call his wife.
All over our country, the same conversations are taking place. People are losing their jobs, they don’t know which way to turn. One thing I know for sure!  God knows all things. He knows and He understands! The scriptures tell us “If we turn from our wicked ways and turn back to Him, He will forgive us and heal our land”. Then and only then we will see peace and prosperity again. My parents (my dad was a Baptist minister) would be shocked and so hurt, over all the things that are going on in our country and most every other country!
I am so extremely glad that I am still holding on to the hand of a God who holds the fate of ALL of us in  His Great big HANDS.  If  He lets us go, it will all be on our shoulders.
I am so glad He gave me a chance to reach out to one of His children.

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