New Day!

It’s been awhile since I have had the time to write again.  Seems my days are filled with  running from one apartment  to the other!  I was sleeping like a baby, early this morning, when the phone rang. It was Betty in Apt. 4.  She said “Peggy, I’m on the floor again. Can you help me?”  I called the paramedics. She started to get up from her lift chair and lost her balance. She has one artificial leg and sometimes turns the wrong way, and down she goes. So far she has landed on her rump, which is good. But she is a heavy woman and none of the residents (who are all seniors) can pick her up! She told them she didn’t know what she would do without Peggy! Bless her heart!
She has two sons and a daughter who  never come to see her or call to check on her. They had a little spat sometime along the way, so I guess this is the way they try to get even with her! How sad! She cries a lot but I try to talk to her about the FACT that she belongs to God and He never leaves us alone!
Sometimes I feel very vulnerable myself, especially around bedtime, when everything is so still and quiet! But all I have to do is pick up my Guideposts or Bible, that I keep on my bedside table, and as I read I feel peace and assurance that God is with me! He has brought me through some terrible times.
My friend Libby is dying from C.O.P.D. and just this weekend she had some “touch and go” moments. She hugged me, with tears running down her face, and said “Rudy is with me. He’s been with me all day long.” Rudy is her late husband who died three years ago. Her face was glowing! Just another proof that God never leaves you! The Bible tells us that He will send a comforter to be with us.
People try to find happiness and fulfillment in so many other things and shut God completely out of their lives but when they get as old as I am  and look back over their lives, as I do, they can see all the marvelous ways  He has guided them, walked with them, and made so many crooked paths straight for them. I remember that I prayed every morning, before I left for work at the restaurant, for God’s help in the food that I prepared and just to let me have a good day. As I look back on that, I know there would have been NO WAY I could have made it through each day without His help. Some times I just ponder on the amount of food I cooked each day, always had it prepared on time, not to mention the compliments we received on the taste of the food! I give God all the glory for our success at Peggy’s Restaurant.
My son Kevin used to kid me a lot and tell me that I would’nt have lost two husbands if I hadn’t stayed in the kitchen so much! Well, he put it a little bit different, but we won’t even go there!
Victoria is working split hours now, so I’m not getting to talk to her as much.  I miss talking to her! We have grown so close, that I just can’t hardly remember  when she wasn’t in our lives. She is everything I have ever wanted in a daughter (well, in law) I couldn’t love her more if she was my flesh and blood daughter!  I know I must get on their nerves, sometimes, because  I find myself calling them about anything that gives me an excuse to call them! I haven’t seen them in almost a year but God willing I will get to go down to Florida in about another month!
It’s time for me to begin my day! Maybe God will use me in some marvelous way to brighten the day of some of my co-horts in our senior complex!  Some only need a smile, or a pat on the back, or an “I Love you” but more importantly “GOD LOVES YOU!” It would mean so much if some of you would take the time to call your older family members or older friends, just to say “I LOVE YOU”.  You don’t realize how starved some of them are to hear those very words.  I am going to do that today!

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Kevin Lovelace

Well, I hope you know that there are a couple of critters down in Florida who think you’re the cat’s pajamas. I’m so proud of you for looking out for all those old timers up there. 🙂

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