• December 22, 2011

Christmas – 2011

Here we are again. Seems before we know it,  another year has gone!  THE YEAR OF OUR LORD'S BIRTH!  I

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Sitting In The E.R.

Sitting here in the E.R. waiting to see if my blood is too thin, since I am having nose bleeds.

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A terrible act!!

You know something? Every time I think I have heard it all concerning rotten things some people do,I get shocked

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My niece Terry Greene

We just learned that my precious niece Terry Green (Jack and Helen's daughter) has cancer! Terry is one of the

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My Encounter!

Chico and I were just leisurely walking around our apartment building this morning! Leisurely means Chico was taking his own

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My Hope Jar

Kevin and Victoria sent me some things for my birthday and my favorite thing was a Hope Jar filled with

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My Birthday

My heart is so full of love and appreciation for all the wonderful wishes for my birthday! It makes an

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Easter cantata by Eastside Baptist Church "Because We Believe" !

I would like to invite all my Facebook friends to EASTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH this Sunday morning for the Cantata "Because

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A Heart Throb From Yesteryear

It was at Food Lion yesterday! I was busily buying groceries  and just happened to look down the aisle. Can

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Sherry's at Home!!! PRAISE GOD!!

Brought Sherry home about noon! They wouldn't bring her home in an ambulance unless she paid $300.Said she had to

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