Brand New Year

I just got back from spending Christmas with Kevin and Victoria in St. Petersburg. What a wonderful family Christmas!! The first FAMILY Christmas for Kevin and me in quite a few years. He seems so happy and at peace, so naturally I am feeling the same way. He has been through so much pain the last two years. How wonderful that another person can walk into your life and completely turn everything around. Just being with them through the holidays and watching the way they show their feelings toward each other, just made this old heart of mine leap for joy. Victoria has surely filled up that gaping hole in Kevin’s heart, that he was left with when Tonya walked out of his life. I am just giving thanks to God for answering my prayers. All I have ever wanted was to see my one and only child with someone who would be good to him and love him because he is so worthy to have someone like that in his life. God is good!!!!!
Today begins a whole new opportunity to start all over and try to amend the mistakes one made the past year. My biggest passion is going to be dieting! Go back to weight watchers with a BOWED head and meet those scales head-on. OH! MY! How I dread that! After eating all that food and fudge at Victoria’s but I did say I was staring over, didn’t I?
No more trips to the store to buy Mayfield’s coconut cake ice cream! No more Blackwood’s jumbo hamburgers. OH! The sacrifices we have to make in life. Ha.Ha. All kidding aside, I watched a program on obese woman last night , what they looked like at the start and what they looked like at the finish and my heart just yearns to see the “ME” hidden beneath this weight I have gained through the years. Not to mention the health issues. I haven’t had much self esteem in a long, long, time. At my age it seems a little silly to still long for things that seem to be a lost cause but they are attainable if I have guts enough to work hard enough for it. I BELIEVE I CAN DO IT! Isn’t that enough to get me started?

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