December 3

Today is always an exciting day for all the Seniors in our complex. It’s social security check day and every way you look, they are coming to our “post office”, located across the street to get their checks. Of course, we do that every day to get our REGULAR mail!! I told the mailman it was kind of sad that was the only thing we had to do for excitement. I was more or less kidding him. But, at our age, too much excitement would probably be lethal. Ha.Ha.
It’s nice to be able to smile about something today because I haven’t felt much like smiling lately. My best buddy just learned that she was in the ‘end stage of her life’, as the Doctor put it. She has asked us all to let her go because she was ready to go home to Heaven to be with the Lord and her husband Rudy. Rudy passed away two years ago. I just don’t feel able to do that yet. Since she moved in the apartment next to me,we have grown very close. She is such an amazing woman. Always smiling and trying to be a friend to everyone. She never complains and is always reaching out to help someone who just needs a pat on the back or a hug once and awhile. If I could think of a word to describe her it would be “encourager.” When I was in Atlanta taking care of my sister who had cancer, I was told by one of the Hospice nurses that I was an encourager. I never thought of that as being one of the gifts that God gives to someone. I think of that word when Libby comes to my mind. She has helped me grow, in so many ways, in my journey with the Lord. I have learned to trust Him more by watching her walk with Him every day.
Neither of us will ever be perfect people, until we do go to be with God but we have learned a lot about giving instead of taking. It would be such a better world if the whole world would learn that.
Libby keeps telling me to ask God to help me with letting her go, when the time comes.I still have quite a bit of praying to do before I can do that. One thing I know , God has always been there for me and He will be there ,with His angels , when it comes Libby’s time to go home!

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Kevin Lovelace

Libby’s a great lady. I know how close you feel to her, and I’m glad she came into your life. I think you both benefitted. Tell Libby I’m thinking of her and that she’s in my prayers.

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