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Peggy's Restaurant Livermush Biscuit

One of the great mysteries around Kings Mountain, North Carolina back in the Peggy's Restaurant days was always why the

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Crock-Pot Chicken

There are countless ways to cook chicken. Some are quick and easy, but they almost always make chicken that's too

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That’s NaCho Casserole!

This is a YUMMY casserole if you love Mexican food. It's been a favorite of my family for years! And

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Crouton Breaded Chicken

There are lots of ways to make breaded chicken, but this one is unexpectedly scrumptuous. It takes a little while

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My Mama’s Salmon Patties

Simple  but delicious! I have a very funny story about my sweet sister, Lucille and frying salmon patties that I

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Creamy Cheese Grits and Spinach

This is a new recipe. I hope you will try it! ~ Mama Peggy Creamy Cheese Grits and Spinach I

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Chicken Lickin’ Pork Chops

My Late sister Dot "Sis" (as we called her) brought this recipe to me when she lived in Atlanta. It

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Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

This is one of those recipes that you might not think you'll like until you try it. But once you

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  • September 20, 2008

Fresh Corn Cakes

If you've never had fresh corn cakes, you're in for a treat. For dinner, they're nice with some fresh fruit

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Baked Chicken Breasts

Basic, quick, easy and really, really good. A moist and tender chicken dish. Baked Chicken Breasts Basic, quick, easy and

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