Sherry and Her Journey

It seems like forever since I had the time to write another blog!!!   I have been so tied up trying to take care of Libby and Sherry both. Libby is hanging in there  but getting weaker everyday.  She is still such a blessing to everyone who comes in contact with her. That incredible smile she possesses is enough to make anyone leave feeling that everything is going to be alright.
Then Sherry began passing feces through her bladder, and the tests showed that she had Diverticulitis with an abscess on her colon. Apparently something (like a tomato seed) had caught in her colon, swollen and cut through the colon wall and into her bladder. We came awfully close to losing her. They were talking about sending her home for two weeks at first because they had planned to send her to a Urologist. Then a pretty savvy nurse told them what she thought it was and she was right. The Doctor said if they had sent her home, she wouldn’t have made it. That’s the way our God works. Through much prayer, God was listening and sent just the right people, in just the right time!  Dr. Singh had so much to do when he operated, that it took such a long time! Her blood pressure bottomed out and she almost died.  She was in ICU for a week, and slowly but surely she began her long journey to getting better.
That’s what happens when you have faith in God and surrender yourself to his care. Sherry told him as she prayed “Lord, Whether I stay or go , this is in Your hands. I would love to stay with my family but if You want to take me home to be with you, I am ready”  All through this, we have watched God  work. Her incision is completely healed. The Home Health nurses are stunned at how fast it healed. The colostomy bag will have to be worn until September because of the extent of her surgery. Dr. Singh told her yesterday she still had a lot of healing to do in that area.
As I changed that dressing on her incision every day, I witnessed God’s wonderful healing power. It was like seeing that cut healing, closing, a little each day. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever witnessed in my life, ( Well! except for the birth of my Son Kevin).  It sure increased my faith!  Sometimes hurtful things happen in your life and Satan swoops down with putting doubts in your mind but how can anyone doubt there is a God, when they can see the awesome things He has put in this world for us to see and enjoy.
Start with your own body and just see the miracle of the way everything works, together, just as it’s supposed to do. I see miracles every day in this senior complex I live in. These seniors meeting each day with a smile of thanksgiving for the gift of one more day. I saw an old black woman, last night at our cookout, get up on swollen feet and dance to a square dance tune. My heart felt as if it would burst, watching her dance, with a great big smile on her face. I know she was eighty, if she was a day!  Then Samantha hit the dance floor. She is 84 yrs. old. Next was Mary Helen. She is about 74. Oh! What fun! They are delightful.  I love them so much.
Just try to find something in your life that will make you smile! Keep trying each and every day. Keep trusting the God of this great universe and keep your hand in His. He loves you and He will take care of you, if YOU will let HIM!!

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Hey Mama…….I was so happy to read this! Wic isn’t the only one with a flair for words! I loved reading this and I love you! Wic is right, you truly are such a blessing to EVERYONE around you. I only hope you can know what a great impact you have already had on my life with your loving and giving nature and your ready laughter. How you go about each day in service to others with a smile on your face. That is what I think about when I think about you.
I just love you so much and I’m happy to call you Mama.

Kevin Lovelace

That’s such a wonderful post, Mama. You’re a blessing to everyone around you. I hope some day you’ll realize what you mean to everyone, and know how much joy you bring to people just by being you.

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