Dear Lo

Loretta ChaneyJuly 9th 2003
Dear Lo,
Well, Honey, I’ve made it a whole year without you. I remember so well this day last year when I walked into your bedroom and found that you had left without me. God had reached down and picked you up and took you home to be with him. But you forgot someone! You forgot me!! I didn’t think I would ever make this past year but God, in his goodness & mercy, has been with me and held me together.
It has been tough! I see you in so many ways and things every day. By the way, our fish died soon after you did. I haven’t had the heart to try to get more. Oh! My! How you loved those fish! Enough to lay down on the ground that cold, cold day to try to get something that had fallen in that pond.
Remember the day your breast enhancer (falsie to most of us) fell in the pond when you stooped over to feed the fish! My, how we laughed at that.
We had so much fun together, didn’t we? We didn’t need anyone but just the two of us. We were satisfied to sit in that house and watch T.V. or piddle in the backyard. When you were able, you used to pick up all the mess I dug up. And my how well you “dead headed” those orange lilies that belong to Mama so they would keep blooming. I remember year before last when I put out those tomatoes and bell-peppers, how you would go out there with that towel and gather those tomatoes like we had struck gold or something! Ha ha
I miss you, Lo, and I long with all my heart to be with you and Sis and the rest of our family. Tell Sis I miss her, too, and that I loved her so much. More than she ever realized. Teresa & her family misses her too!
I fee like God took you first for a reason. I think I’ve realized that I had 3 more sisters & a brother left to look after. Not to mention my precious Kevin and my other munchkin Tonya.
Watch for me, Lo. One of these days God is going to decide it is my time and then we will never be apart again.
I would how it would be to look into the face of Jesus. One day I will, Praise His Name and thank him for what he has done for me and for all those years he let me have you as a sister! I know that you are happy and that you can breathe well and that those old feet & legs don’t hurt anymore.
I wonder how it felt to see Mama & Daddy, Lucille, Grady, Robert, Johnny, Clyde, Lucy, Muriel and Rene & Sis again. Kiss them all for me and tell them I will see them after awhile.
Love you, Sweetheart.
I’ll see you later.
~ Peggy

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