A terrible act!!

You know something? Every time I think I have heard it all concerning rotten things some people do,I get shocked again! One of my friends and residents of our apartment building,is fighting fourth stage cancer and has been in and out of the hospital for months. While she was in there last,someone stole all of her summer tops and blouses out of her storage! We are all shocked because there is seven storage units . One for each of us and is divided by wire cages! In the winter,My friend would store some of her summer clothes and in the summer,her winter clothes ! We all have our keys to the storage room and we all have locks on the doors to each unit! Someone probably thought she would never make it back home.BUT HOW!!! No one in our apartment building would have done such a thing! So it had to be someone who works with individual residents. They took her best things and left the worn ones! We are all seniors ! They may have used some type of wire to pull them out through the wall because all the hangers were left on the rack! We are all devastated over this! Can you believe that someone would be so horrible? I hope they will fill so guilty that they will return her things to her!

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