A Heart Throb From Yesteryear

It was at Food Lion yesterday! I was busily buying groceries  and just happened to look down the aisle. Can it be? Yes it was!! IT was!! My heart throb from nearly fifty years ago! He was looking at me in the same way I was looking at him.  When he got to where I was, he grabbed me and gave me a big bear hug and we just stared at each other for a few minutes!
I remember the first time I ever saw him! He walked into the restaurant where I was working and when we looked at each other, the chemistry was definitely there. For some reason or another, it just didn’t ever happen for the two of us!  The only time I had a date with him, they called the family to the hospital because My Mama was very sick! So I was at the hospital with my family that night!
I think God must have had a different plan for my life because we both went our separate ways. Both married other people but in the back of my mind, I always remembered him! It just never went away! When I would run into him somewhere, our eyes would meet and, as the song of long ago went, “Zing went the strings of my heart” but that’s as far as it ever went!
When we had the restaurant, I worked mostly in the kitchen and every time he came in to eat, he would always sit at the counter, and I would be working away and as I looked up, our eyes would meet and it was always the same way! I didn’t dwell on it or even share it with anyone, because it was an impossibility. I’m sure he felt the same way!
I know this is going to sound so crazy to anyone who reads this. I have been single since 1982, but he is still married!  My love for God would never have let me act upon anything like that! Besides that I would never be the reason for hurting another woman the way I was hurt! Both of my husbands were unfaithful to me and there is no hurt any worse than that!
You would think that a woman as old as I am would no longer have the feelings she had when she was so young. I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!,But when I turned around and looked in to those eyes of his, I sure felt a stirring in my heart that I hadn’t felt in years! I tried to be casual, in a friendly way, but I think he probably noticed the shine in my eyes! I certainly noticed the shine in his! Two older gray haired people that suddenly felt young again! Who would have ever thought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sonya McAbee Gregory

Peggy that is so beautiful! It touched my heart so much! I am happy that you got to see him! Zing! Zing!!!

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