A Message from Mom in Heaven

(an uncompleted post that was discovered on Sept. 16, 2012)
I ran across this poem written for Mother’s Day . Maybe now, at this time when are hearts soft with thoughts of what our mother’s mean to all of us or meant to us before God called a lot of them home, you would love to read this wonderful poem.
I miss you ,darling, all the time,  I know everything  you do,
Would you believe, my dearest child,  I’m even
[Here the post cut-off. We found the poem Mama Peggy was trying to post, and have posted it below]


I see you, darling, all the time,
I know everything you do,
Would you believe, my dearest child
I’m even closer now to you.

For I can see inside your mind,
Indeed, inside your heart,
I even know you better now,
Than I did before, sweetheart.

I’ve always loved you – you know that,
But maybe now I love you more,
I love the adult that you’ve become,
Just as I loved the child before.

I know how much you miss me, honey,
Well, I miss you, too,
I miss our talking and our laughing,
And all we used to do.

Whether you are six or sixty,
You’ll always be my precious child,
You’re the baby that I carried,
And the adult that’s helped me smile.

What you need to understand,
Though death has taken me away,
Is that I’ve not left you, darling,
I am still with you today.

Honey, I could never leave you,
God, of course, would not want that,
Physically, we are apart,
But our hearts are still attached.

I love you all the time,
You cannot get away from me,
That’s the way a Mother is,
Right into eternity.

Every day I’m with you
I see you from above,
And I want for you to know
How very much you’re loved.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

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