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Well, I’m back home in Kings Mountain after spending Christmas in St. Petersburg, Fla. with Kevin, Victoria and the girls. Everything seems kind of dull after being in that beautiful place. What a wonderful place to live but there is really nothing else like home when you are almost seventy-five years old. I have made a lot of friends here in our Senior Complex. And I have family still here. They are all over the hill, same as me. I have a great need to travel the last miles of my journey to Heaven with them. We all look after each other and try to help bear each others burdens.
I am so happy that Kevin has found Victoria and they seem so happy together. They are like two peas in a pod. I don’t think I have ever seen him so at peace with his life and with Victoria. I love both of them with all my heart and would be with them if I was younger and if the rest of my sisters and my last brother were younger and in good heath. Aside from loving “Wic and Vic”, as I teasingly call them, the flowers and all that beauty in St. Petersburg would pull me that way.
God has been so good to me all my life and at the end of it, when he calls me home, I won’t ask for a thing but for Him to place me in big flower garden. How wonderful to spend eternity surrounded by flowers, the thing I love most in this world.
I went to Weight Watchers again last night and as I was sitting here tonight watching The Biggest Loser and seeing some of them after they had lost so much weight made me want to stick to it even more. Its not vanity but the NEED to feel much better physically; but mentally, as well. I can’t breathe as well, don’t look as well, can’t walk as well . I could go on and on and you’re probably thinking, if you read this, “why does it matter at her age?”.
Well, I don’t want them to have to get extra men to help carry me in the church, for one thing!!!!!!! Would you? Besides that, I hope I never stop caring about looking presentable, when I go out in public! So, Just smile and wish me luck!!

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Well, I wish you the best of luck in the dieting, Mama. You can do it if you want to (and if you do it for yourself and no one else).
As for spending all eternity in that flower garden, that sounds like a mighty fine way of spending it to me. 🙂

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