Today Is Mama's Birthday

Today is Mama’s birthday. She has been gone for over 35 years and there is still times that I miss her so bad and would just give anything if I could have one of those talks we used to have. Somehow Mama could always make things right. She seemed to be to just look at us and know what was going on with us. She also believed in prayer.
I remember the time I had a date with a very handsome fella and Mama started praying (she told me about it later on) because she had misgivings about him. She said she told God that if he wasn’t the right kind of fellow, to keep him from coming that night.
Well, needless to say, he didn’t show up for our date, and to tell you the truth I never did even know what happened to him. I never saw nor heard from him again.
I wonder if she knows what is going on with Sis?
Sis is sleeping this morning. She seems to feel read bad, too! I wish I understood more about this cancer so I could know what is happening day by day.
My prayer has been that God would help me to be able to be there for her every step of the way and to help her to know how much I love her.
I pray that when the time comes and He calls her home, that He will just reach down and scoop her up into His loving arms and that angels will surround her.
Mama and Daddy will be waiting for her. So will Lucille, Grady, Robert and Johnny.
Can’t you just imagine the thrill of seeing Jesus at last, face to face? And then seeing the smiles on the faces of our loved ones? Glory to God!!!

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