The Things We Can't Control

Sometimes things seem to hit us right between the eyes when we least expect it! As I was coming inside from watering my plants ( the heat is near 100 degrees in our neck of the woods), my friend and one of the residents here was coming in. I asked about her younger sister who recently was admitted to the nursing home. Her eyes filled with tears as she explained that Barb was deeply depressed and was just lying there staring at the walls. She didn’t ever want to be put in a nursing home. I don’t think anyone wants to go there, but it was very necessary. She has C.O.P.D. and it’s very severe. Mary Lou has been going to her house every day for as long as I’ve known, looking after her and doing all her housework, but she hurt her neck lifting one of those oxygen cylinders and was unable to care for her.
You could see the heartbreak in Mary Lou’s eyes as she was talking about Barbara. She couldn’t hold back the tears. I tried to console her as best I could and told her to call me if I could do anything! I just closed my door and leaned back against it and cried out to the Lord and asked Him how in the world could we deal with some of the hard things that come into our lives. I knew the answer, really, before I asked it. “Jesus is the right for whatever’s wrong in your life”. The word’s from a song our trio used to sing in church.
Yesterday morning Betty, in Room 2 walked with her walker over to the fridge to get some water. Somehow she turned that artificial leg wrong and down she went. But this time she hit her head on the table and split the back of her head open. They took her to the hospital and stapled the wound up and sent her back home. She is completely alone except for a girl who comes at 12p.m. and leaves at 5 p.m. I went to Bojangles to get her a biscuit this morning. We will look after her, since her children don’t see fit too! But how sad is that?
Libby has had a few bad days and I thought for sure it was the beginning of the end for her ! Two days later, I dropped into her apartment and she was cooking! Just proves a big point. Only God knows when it’s Libby’s time to come home to be with him.
So many times, after I go to bed, I lay there and think about the fact that I am 76 years old. I have no idea about what is in store for me. One of my favorite songs goes “I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand holds my hand”. That gives me peace to know that I don’t have to worry through the night because my GOD stays awake all night. I guess what I am trying to say in my humble way is that if you have the Lord Jesus in your life and you’ve given your life to him, “It won’t matter if I go or stay, I’m a winner either way”; a quote from Billy Graham’s daughter Anne Graham Lotz.
That is so profound!
Leaving this with a hilarious ending, my funny, funny sweet Samantha (who I might add is in her late eighties) called me this morning. She keeps me laughing! She said they had a new sound system in their church and one of the deacons called her daughter this morning and said “Tina, that sound system was so loud yesterday morning, my glasses almost jumped off my nose!”
That almost tickled me to death.
Keep looking up folks! One of these days that trumpet is going to sound and we will be leaving this old world of troubles and sorrows!

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