It’s been a week since Kevin moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. I am both happy for him but very sad and lonely at the same time. I will be alright though because he has finally found someone in Victoria, that he can be happy with. She has been like ‘Sunshine On A Cloudy Day’ for the two of us.
Man, the cloudy days we HAVE had!! Two divorces for me and now there will be one for him. He was only three years old when his dad and I divorced. Seems his dad couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be married and have a family or be a single man with a string of women on the side. So I had to be the one to decide for him. Then when he was five years old, I met and married a man whose wife had died with cancer, leaving him to finish raising two children. A daughter named Terry, who was fifteen and a son ‘Chip’ who was ten. We had our problems but soon settled in to being the all American family. We joined the Second Baptist Church ,where we both were very active. Sang in the choir, taught Sunday school, He was the Asst. Sunday school director, We were most of the things faithful Christians are supposed to do. I thought we were a happy family, even though we had some problems because the older son didn’t seem to want to share his dad with the younger son. That was until, after ten years of marriage, my husband decided that his life wasn’t FULL enough, that he needed to FIND himself. I had no idea that to find himself, meant that he needed his YOUNGER secretary to help him do that!
I remembered asking him, years ago, when he was begging me to marry him, to promise me that if he ever met anyone that he wanted more than me, to have the guts to tell me face to face, so that I wouldn’t have to go through that kind of hurt again.
When I found out the truth, it was too late to try to save our marriage,even if I had wanted too. I suffered but Kevin was hurt the most. He lost two fathers in fifteen years.

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