Rest In Peace, Barb

I was just informed this morning of the home going of one of my childhood friends! We lived near each other for years. My sister Loretta played with Barb all the time ! I can still see their mother Josie in my minds eye and hear her voice when she called one of her children in from play. I still remember how her daddy looked! My brother Jack used to walk home from grade school with Barb’s sister, Mary Lou! My nephew lived right above them and was buddies with Carl! I have picture of Carl, Doug and all those small boys around there, playing and doing all kinds of acrobatics or I should say TRYING to do acrobatics.
We always played outside until dark and then our parents called us in! Back then we didn’t have all the toys and things kids have today! We played Hide and Seek, Jump Rope, Hop Scotch, all kinds of things! We would play house and take old boxes and make our “‘furniture”.  It was such a fun time to grow up in!
Barbara grew up, got married, had her children. Then years later, she, like so many of us, ended up divorced! I wasn’t in touch with her then but I’m sure it was a hard time for her. I know she loved her husband very much and I know she probably had a hard time putting her life back together again! She has been ill for quite sometime but she never lost the ability to smile! Her smile and giggle could light up a room. Mary Lou is my neighbor and one day she had Barb in her car and I went over and hugged her! She looked so good  to have been so sick.  I  never forgot her or my days growing up on the Cora Mill village. I was so happy living there. You just don’t forget people like Barb.
Every day as long as I can remember, Mary Lou got up, dressed and went to Barb’s house or the hospital, where she did all kinds of nice things for her; things she no longer could do. I don’t think anyone could ever have a more devoted sister than she had in Mary Lou! I would watch her leave, then return. Then leave and return again ! I always knew where she was going. Sometimes we would talk and she would say “Barb’s having a rough day, I don’t know if she is going to make it this time” but miraculously she would start getting better again. It was so sad but so heart warming to see the love those sisters had for another!
Barb just wouldn’t give up. She wanted to live so bad, but God saw how tired she was getting and decided it was time to bring His child home! At this time she has already seen her family members once again, but the most wonderful thing she has seen her Lord and Saviour face to face !
We are going to miss her. All her loved ones are hurting so bad right now, but just think of what that girl has been through, just since she and Mary Lou came into my life again, not counting the time before! But she is in no more pain, she is breathing without oxygen, she is running all over Heaven, hugging and kissing her family members.
Everyone will miss her but this isn’t the END! If we have given our lives to God and accepted Jesus into our hearts, Barb will be waiting for all of us when we walk through those Heavenly Gates and she will be running to meet us! What a joyful Homecoming we will all have .
Don’t grieve too long for Barb! She wouldn’t want you too! Just be happy that she at last is whole again. No more doctors, no more hospitals, just pure joy for an Eternity! Rest in piece, My friend! I’ll see you in just a little while.

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