Drawing Blood

Teresa has just left to take Sis to the Dr.’s office to have her blood checked. The nurse from Hospice tried to draw some blood from Sis’ arm Friday but wasn’t able to get much. Her arms looks pretty bad. I had to leave out of the room because I’m “chicken”. Sis is the only person I have ever seen that could sit and watch someone put a needle in their arm.
When I was pregnant with Kevin and would go to the Dr. to get a shot, I would automatically start backing up when I saw that needle. I’m still that way.
Sis is a Very Strong person!!!
I suspect she is getting weaker! She looks so tired and doesn’t seem to walk as steady as she was walking.
My heart feels so heavy for her.
All the kids were here yesterday. And she always enjoys seeing them. She sure is lucky to have a family who loves her so much.
One day we will be in Heaven together, where there will never more be sickness or dying. We won’t have to stand helplessly by and watch a sister or brother suffer with Cancer or Altheimers? ever again. Thank you, Sweet Lord, for that!

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