A Letter to Jim Childers

Jim, Here is a copy of my attorney telling me what I have to do to about your not getting my money to me like you are supposed to do! He’s just waiting for me to give him the go-ahead! I’ve tried to look at this in a Christian way but after sitting here and crying for two days because I didn’t have the money to even send Kevin a gift, much less have the money to go to see him! I lived with you long enough to know, had that been Chip or Terry, it would have been different! I understand now why you drug your feet about trying to adopt him! You probably already had the idea that you were not going to stay in that marriage any longer than you had too! But that is all water under the bridge.
I’m not that wimp you married now! Through these past years I have made my way alone and it made me a strong woman! I still don’t like to hurt anybody and I still wouldn’t like to hurt you! But if I don’t stand up for myself, no one is going to do it for me. I’m sorry that man hasn’t paid you and I’m really sorry about the economy, but what does that have to do with you an me, as my attorney told me! I know that I am on the bottom of your “totem pole” as the old saying goes! In other words I am last on your list!
Well anyway, here’s what I know now! My attorney can file a motion to hold you in contempt. It will be filed under the same case number as when the divorce was granted. Then it goes to Support Enforcement so that you will have to pay them and they will send it on to me! Then if you start missing they will be on you like “white on rice”‘ and immediately hold you in contempt!
I’m sorry it has come down like this! Even now my heart is hurting but as I already told you,I didn’t ask to be in this situation! We will be standing before the ultimate JUDGE one of these days and it probably won’t be long for me! Maybe then I will understand why I’ve had so many things happen to me that I can’t explain! Let me hear from you soon!
~ Peggy

The preceding document was found on Mama Peggy’s computer after her death, dated on the date it has been posted here. It was a letter she sent to her ex-husband, former Kings Mountain, NC city commissioner and local business owner, James A. “Jim” Childers, due to his chronic non-payment of his alimony. Following the delivery of this letter, after being threatened with legal action by Mama Peggy’s lawyer, Mr. Childers resumed timely alimony payments for a few months, but eventually reverted to his old ways. Prior to Mama Peggy’s death, Mr. Childers had not paid his required alimony in at least six months.

At the time of her death, Mama Peggy had $4 in her checking account and little food in her home. That is the reason we decided to post this letter. Not in an effort to hurt Mr. Childers in any way, but simply to shed a light upon the true nature of a man who still presents himself as a community business leader and a Christian, and the effect his contempt of a court order had upon Mama Peggy’s life. His reluctance to live up to his obligations, even as has he thrived financially, reflects upon his character and should be made known. This is not intended to be malicious or punitive. It was a situation of Mr. Childers’ making, and as such simply is what it is, and we want it to be known on Mama Peggy’s behalf.

Unknown to Mr. Childers, at the time of her death Mama Peggy was a week away from filing a formal complaint against him and having her alimony payments turned over to the North Carolina court system for enforcement. Had Mama Peggy lived, Mr. Childers would not only have been forced to resume his alimony payments, but would have been forced to pay the back alimony he had missed. After her death, Mama Peggy’s son briefly considered going after Mr. Childers for this back alimony as a punitive action, but in the end decided it was best to leave Mr. Childers to his maker. May God help his soul. And may Mr. Childers get his just rewards.


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