My Sweet Victoria

When she walked into my life, she was like a welcoming ray of sunshine!  She and Kevin had been friends for years but I had never met her face to face. I talked to her by e-mail a lot and Kevin would say “Mama, she is exactly as she seems to be”.
But I didn’t know I would fall in love with her instantly when we did finally did meet! She drove up from Florida to get Kevin! We were  nervous about finally meeting each other, but when she walked in with that sweet smile on her face, I knew instantly what I had prayed for all of Kevin’s life was coming true!
All a mother ever wants for her child is for them to find someone who will love them with all their heart and will always have their back, no matter what comes up in their life! AND that they can feel the same way about! I knew in my heart this was meant to be my son’s life partner!
From the moment we started talking to each other via the computer, Victoria just took me into her heart! She has always treated me with such kindness. I wasn’t blessed with a daughter, but she is exactly what I would have wanted in a  daughter, if God had blessed me with one! God knew before we did that He was going to send her into both our lives so that we could finally have some sunshine to replace all the rain and hurts we have endured for so long!
When I go to Florida to visit them, she always makes me know that I am important to her! That she cares when I am hurt or need someone to just listen to me! The love she has for Kevin, her children, her brothers and their families and her friends is unmeasurable and free, just as God’s is ! Oh!  yes!  I left out a very important part! Her love for all God’s creatures. She proves to us all that no one needs to be left out! We all should have room in our hearts for anyone who needs a hug or a pat on the back or maybe just a smile! We never know whom God places in our paths from day to day! Or how many times we fail to reach out to someone!
Thank you from my heart, my Victoria, for giving me the knowledge that, should God call me home one day, my son will have you to look out for him!  I used to worry a lot about!  After all, I’m slowly creeping up on eighty in about two and 1/2 years! When that time comes, I can go with a joyful heart to see the Lord and that Chaney Bunch again, knowing Kevin is happy and that you are looking out for him and also that Kevin loves you with God’s love and he will have your back, too!
All My Love, Mama

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Beth McDaniel

Peggy… this made me cry.. yet made me happy…. It’s so beautiful… You are on the mark with Vic and Wic… We have all been friends for a lot of years and I have seen how “connected” they always seemed to be. I’m glad my friend Vicki found YOU, too, since she lost both of her parents at a relatively early age and has had a void in her life, also..

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