My Sister Edith

"Our angel sister Edith and Ol' chubby chaney standing behind her ,as usual , a pan in her hand!" ~ Mama Peggy, May 21, 2010God did as I  asked Him to do, for the past few days! He lovingly reached down and picked my precious sister up in His loving arms and carried her to Heaven to be with Him eternally! As her sons and her grandson and I surrounded her bedside, Jerry prayed a beautiful prayer, thanking God for her and what she had been to all of us, especially her sons and their families. He asked God to take her and he told Ede (as we called her) “Everything is alright, you can go, Mama”  and she took her last breath! We all had told her goodbye! I told her I loved her and I would see her again soon!
This song came to my mind. Kirk Talley wrote and sung it for a friends wife, who had died in her sleep unexpectedly one night!

She went to sleep one night. Never here to awake again,
But she knew it was alright, between her and Him,
Then she awoke in Heaven’s Courtyard, free from pain within,
The angels took her by the hand and said “Come on in”.


Serenaded by Angels, Up to the throne
Serenade by angels, Finally at home
Surrounded by praises, to the King,
Welcome to Paradise, the angels did sing!

This verse is my testimony:

When I close my eyes at night, I try to imagine
that city of crystal lights, waiting for me,
But my eyes cannot conceive,  So, I’ll continue to believe
‘Til I’m transported there,Where I will be


Today Edith has already met her Savior face to face. She has already been reunited with Joe and  all our family and friends waiting for her. All my sisters and brothers have their confidante again. She is listening to that Hallelujah Choir singing praises to our King, (I’ll bet you she has even joined them already). No more pain or suffering and Mama and Daddy have a wide grin on their faces as they hear her singing once again in that beautiful alto voice! Oh! How homesick it makes me to join them but I must stay a little longer until the Lord decides it’s my time!
Keep watching and waiting for me! I’ll be there in “JUST A LITTLE WHILE”.

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Chad Millwood

I am so fortunate to have Granny (Edith) as my grandmother. I already miss her but I know she was tired and ready too go she told me this many times. I love her and look forward to seeing her again one day.

Steve Chaney

My aunt Edith was a great lady. I remember the time when I had been out all nite partying and I didnt want to drive all the way home. It was 2am and I knock on her door and she let me in and made a bed for me. I spent a lot of time at her house in the 70s and 80s just hangen out with Joe and David. I can still hear her laugh. We would all just sat on the porch talking I think she love that porch.I miss those days. My aunt has been on my mind alot this week. Well AUNT EDITH you are in heaven right now where we all will be together some day.


That made tears come to my eyes and gave me chills. That was beautiful. I would have loved to have known her and hear her play the piano….and see that sweet smile that everyone tells me that she had. As hard as it must be to lose her…I’m happy she is home and will have no more pain, ever.

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