His Presence

Found in Mama Peggy’s belongings – a hand-written poem by her sister, Doretha “Sis” Chaney, who was the resident poet of the family.

I may never live to see,
My life completely trouble free,
Or walk a straight and narrow road,
And carry not a heavy load.
I’ll never see around a bend,
Or riches at the rainbows end,
But I can walk with head held high,
And notice soft clouds drifting by,
Feel the sunshine’s warm embrace,
The gentle breeze upon my face.
I can hear a bird’s sweet song,
Beside each road I walk along.
These things I feel and hear and see,
More clearly when God walks with me,
For just His presence seems to bring,
About the best in everything.

Doretha “Sis” Chaney
(1924 – 2002)

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Teresa Hicks

I’ve got a good many of mama’s poems in a notebook, and have finally got to where I can read them without falling apart ! What a wonderful gift she left me in those poems… all pieces of her heart.

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