Happy Birthday to My Son

Today is your forty-fourth birthday and my mind has gone back to the day you were born. I was so cocky about having a baby. After all, my mama had birthed eleven babies. I would say “Shoot, my mama had eleven! I know I can have one!” But it seemed you were hesitant to come into this world on time. They admitted me to the hospital to try to help you along a little bit. As I lay there, with a needle in my arm, waiting, not so patiently, for you to decide to make your long awaited entrance. In the next room, a part of the labor room, a local Doctors wife was trying to coax her little one to be born. The difference was, she was getting her husband told! She was hollering “This is all your fault.” But after her baby got there, I have never heard anyone so proud. She was the proud mother of a little boy. She already had three girls.
As for you, you drug your heels all the way. They sent me home the next day, then three days later you gave up and decided to join us. We were so proud. But I remember telling the doctor that I didn’t want any more. I found out that I wasn’t the woman my mama was!
But when they brought you to me and I looked into those bright brown eyes, my heart nearly jumped out of my body. It was instant love and I knew at that moment I would forever more be willing to give my life for you!
You have always been a light to me, especially on the dark days of my life. God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave you to me. We have always been there for each other! No matter what or when!
When you were five months old, I was very sick and in the hospital. I lay in that bed and prayed so hard for God to allow me to get well, so that I could go home to my baby. In turn, I told God that I would give my baby back to him to be of service to him. I have never forgotten that promise and I have the peace and reassurance that God is still keeping His eyes on you! He brought you and Victoria together so you would have someone, when He decides to take me home to be with Him. You can’t imagine how I have worried about having to leave you someday. But now i have such a inner peace to know that Victoria loves you as much as I do. But God loves you even more. I hope that someday we will all be in Heaven together. With all her family and all our family. It doesn’t end here, Thanks to a loving God and His only Son.
Thank you for 44 years of happiness. You have always been such a pleasure to me. Watching you grow up to be such a loving, talented, kind-hearted and just all around wonderful son! Happy Birthday Baby! May you have 44 more wonderful years.
All My Love, Mama

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Just beautiful! What a wonderful note from your mama Kevin!


Thanks, Irina. It’s a treasure. 🙂

Beth Anthony McDaniel

Wow.. this made me cry.. so beautiful.
I’m glad I introduced Vicki to Wic years ago.. 🙂 “Grits, no butter”..


Thank you, Mama. As always, you found a way to touch my heart and make me feel really special. Thanks for being the greatest mom on the planet. I love you!


That is SO SWEET, you made us both cry. Thank you for giving such a gift to the world 44 years ago, and as a result many years later….also a gift to me. He’s a wonderful man, the best I’ve known. I know you have so much to do with that! Thank you! LOVE YOU! ~Victoria

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