Happy Birthday to my Sister Sue!

Today is someone specials birthday! It is my sister Sue, who is 82 yrs. old today! I have always looked up to her! When we were growing up, I thought she was the sweetest, kindest person in the whole wide world.

Well… there was the one time that I changed my mind, for about an hour! There was a small grocery store at the top of the hill, about two houses above our house. I had paid a little boy a dime to go to the store and get me a moon pie and an RC Cola.  Sue stopped him and asked him to get her the same. When he came back he handed me mine but hadn’t got Sues . I was already slurping down my RC when she walked by me and popped me one! (even then I was pretty well known as the soft hearted patsy). Daddy looked at me and said “Get her Peggy” and I picked up something and threw it at her (I missed).  She claims she doesn’t remember that, but I remember because I was the one who got popped!   LOL    She took off her wings for  a few minutes. Still does once and a while, if she gets her dander up.

She was the beauty in our crowd! Blond hair,blue eyes and a figure to turn heads! Not long ago, Sue and I went to vote! As we came down the line, one of my older brothers’ old friends was helping folks to vote. We spoke to him and he told everyone standing around there that our house was a house full of the prettiest girls he had ever seen! I was shocked because none of us ever knew that! We always thought Sue was the only pretty one!

She married Joe D. Rhea and went to live with him to Denver, Colorado. A long ,long way from home. After J.D. was discharged, they made their way back to Kings Mountain where they raised their two girls and a boy! Our family has always stayed close! If someone hurt one, they hurt the entire family.

Sue and I have a ball when we go out anywhere together! We laugh until we hurt. Just this week, I went with her to get her driving license. When we walked in the people were lined all around the wall (both sides), no one offered us a seat!  One young man sitting there  got up and gave me his seat (Sue had gone back to get her No.)  I declined and he insisted. By the way, he was a foreigner! All the young people,  sitting around with their pants nearly falling down when they stood up did not even seem to see two older ladies standing there. (How in the world do they manage to keep their pants from falling down)!!!!!!

I looked back at Sue getting her test, she was talking to the examiner and he was laughing! I told the black ladies  sitting there with me that she could talk the horns off a billy goat!!! She walked back toward us, grinning like a possum, and she said “My! That young man was good looking. I told him so and also that he better be glad I was 82 yrs.old”. You talk about laughing, she had them nearly on the floor. They were still laughing at some of the things she said as we were going out the door to leave .

I thank God for allowing us to be sisters and putting us into a wonderful family with two loving  Christian parents and  nine other siblings! We had some hard times! But we had some awesome good times. Fighting, Fussing, Making up, Loving and protecting each other.

Oh!  Yes! Sue and I get mad at each other sometimes but it doesn’t last long! If I need her SHE will be there and vice verso. I feel the love she has for me even when we’re not together. I hope she feels the same!

It won’t be long before God calls us home to be with Him and all He has prepared for us! OH! MY! Just to see Him !  and all our siblings and Our mama and daddy, all our friends and loved ones. It’s going to be so wonderful! Sometimes I get so Homesick but we still have a lot of loved ones still here! I just hope they will follow us when it’s their time to leave this world!  There’s nothing on this earth to compare with all God has planned for all His children! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AWESOME SISTER!  I LOVE YOU!

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