The Founders

Chaney Second Baptist

Mama Peggy’s Recipes & Ruminations cookbook was made possible by the support of all of the amazing people below, who were willing to pre-order the cookbook before it was even printed! We will always be in the debt of these Founders, and they will always be in our hearts. Without their support, the cookbook might not have happened at all. Thank you so very much!

(sorted alphabetically, by last name)

Gina Airheart

Dianne Alexander

Robin Allday

Howard Allen

Darlene Bankowski

Debra Barber

Susan Barr

Sheila Beasley

Angela Bissette

Verna Blackwell

Patti Blanton

Sandra Boozer

Cassie Winchester Brummett

Catherine Bunce

Kim Burroughs

Randy Chaney

Martina Chaney-DeLuca

Clara Fisher Chapman

Anne Clark

Daphne Lassiter Clemmons

Delores Coleman

Dotti Covington

Joey Crawford

Kelli Davis

Tammy Davis

Scott Dayvault

Sherry Chaney Deluca

DiAnne Dellinger

Tammy Dillon

Janie Douglas

Melissa Falls

Mary Fitzpatrick

Julie Fritts

Nina Gillenwater

Karen Goins

Cherrie Gould

Dianne Green

Pat Gunter

Ramona Hall

Brenda Hendrix

Eunice Hildreth

Joan Hobeck

Chrisie Horonzy

Freda Hunt

Cynthia Auten Jonas

Georgia Jones

Jane Jones

Linda Kelchner

Kathy Kirby Parrish

Susan Kiser

Lena Koger

Wanda Laughter

Anita Leming

Mary MacDermott

Lisa McClintock

Andrea Meeks

Tracy Michaels

Peggy Moore

Colleen Morgan

T.P. Morton

Penny Peace

Nila Phelps

Glenda Presley

Jennifer and Bruce Schaeffer

Tammy Scofield

Gail Shields

Cindy C Shull

Kimberly Simpson

Libby Spence

Sharon Stevens

Carol Strouth

Merry Thomas

Delores Toney

Joan Tribble

Shannon Vetter

Mara Wallace

Carrie Waltz

David Welch

Susan Westbrooks

Frances Whetstine

Carey White

Rosemary Woodward

Mary Yelton

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