Dressings & Spreads

Peggy's Ranch Dressing

One of the most requested "recipes" people have asked about is Mama Peggy's recipe for ranch dressing. She didn't do

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Southern Chicken Salad

You see a lot of recipes for chicken salad on the Internet, but the images that go with 'em all

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Peggy's Southern Style Home-Made Pimento Cheese

Southern Living calls pimento cheese "the Pâté of The South". Pimento cheese is such a big part of Southern culture

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Wicasta’s Mix Low Carb Dipping Sauce (Or Dressing)

This is a dressing we made up one weekend when we were out of our regular dressing and used what

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Corned Beef Sandwich Spread

1 Can Corned Beef 6 Hard boiled eggs 2 medium onions 1 cup chopped sweet pickles 1/2  pint mayonnaise In

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