Article from Shelby Daily Star, Shelby, N.C.

Peggy’s Restaurant

Shelby Daily Star
Shelby, NC
Circa 1984

You can’t miss it after a couple of minutes. It starts in the kitchen and spreads out into the dining room. It’s the laughter that gives you a clue that you’ve found something special.  Peggy’s has something that all the neon signs and McClowns can’t even begin to manufacture. There is a real spirit of welcome and friendship at this family restaurant. And it is a family establishment, with four sisters doing the cooking, serving and everything in between.
Loretta is the boss (or so she thinks);  Peggy(“The best cook in two counties”) is the chef; Sue waitresses,  Sherry waitresses, keeps the books, bakes some bread, oversees the evening shift and fixes anything that breaks (and thinks she needs a raise). These are just four of Rev. R.L. Chaney’s eleven children.
It might well be that large family background that inspires these four women to treat their customers like part of the family at meal time. The service is good at Peggy’s, but don’t be bashful if you need something. You’re welcome to reach over the counter and help yourself (except to the cash register).  Just like home.
In case you were wondering, the food is also very good, too.  Country Ham, chicken, and lots of vegetables (and Sherry’s bread), just to mention a few things on a long menu.  Breakfast starts at 5:00 a.m. and you have until 8:30 p.m. to finish your supper.
If you’ve been to Peggy’s Restaurant before,  you already know that food and friendship go together very well on North Piedmont Avenue.

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Loretta Husky Cozart

Was Peggy’s only in the old Gault Bros. Store location? I vaguely remember it in the 500 block. I would stop after school and buy tea. Best in town.


Hi, Loretta. Yes, Peggy’s Restaurant was in the old Gault Bros. store location, across from Parkdale Mill. The address was 415 N. Piedmont. I still remember going in the Gault Bros. store when I was a kid. Good call!

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